Digital marketing is a common tool for software companies, restaurants, and beauty brands. But one group that doesn?t often come to mind as benefiting from an online presence is government contractors. This is somewhat surprising, given the unique challenges contractors face in finding work and winning bids. For starters, the pool of potential contract jobs is very limited and can be difficult to access. Also, many contractors bid based on price alone and have very few ways in which they can easily differentiate themselves.


However, this is also precisely what makes digital marketing a potentially lucrative avenue for government contractors. Here?s how an online presence can make a difference and what you can do to start marketing yourself online:

Create a Responsive Design to Support Your Online Presence

Responsive design is essential in ensuring all users receive the same experience, regardless of design. All the images and content on your website automatically adjusts to fit the device on which it?s being viewed. As a result, viewers can get a clear sense of your website without pinching, scrolling, and zooming.


In the past, separate websites had to be designed to achieve this goal, but that?s no longer the case. With responsive websites, users can better navigate your content to learn more about you. And without responsive websites, users will likely get frustrated and leave your website in favor of your competitors.


When you?re trying to land contracts, your online presence is a huge chunk of your identity. No matter how decision makers want to learn more about you, responsive websites and landing pages can ensure your best foot is always forward.

Document Your Success in White Papers and Case Studies

Content marketing is the ?blanket term? that includes everything from white papers to ebooks to case studies and more. In a professional setting where government contracts are at stake, white papers and case studies stand to bear the most fruit.


These in-depth looks at past projects, research, and other original findings are your chance to flex your expertise and position yourself as a leader in your field. You can self-publish this content via your own website. Or, take it a step further and share them with high profile websites in your field. In any case, you can refer to these pieces of content to support your bid for a contract and show why you?re the best choice for the job.

Apply for Speaking Opportunities

Being a leader in your field bears a lot more weight when applying for contracts compared to a no-name. To help generate positive PR and grow your online presence, consider ways to land speaking opportunities. Most summits, seminars, and webinars promote their speakers online and even make their recorded sessions available for later viewing. This can be a great way for your name to pop up on Google when someone is searching for it. And any content about you that ends up online as a result of your speaking engagements can be used in your digital marketing to further grow your credibility.

Final Thoughts: Digital Marketing Helps Contractors Compete!

Government contracts can be highly competitive. Whether you?re trying to land your first one or you want to continue earning bids, it?s important that you have a way to differentiate yourself other than price and scope. Building up your online presence can help you justify your price bid while also proving to decision makers that they will get what they paid for.


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