How does a cosmetics company compete in an industry that?s worth $49.2 billion? The answer isn?t an easy one, nor is there just one solution. Ask any beauty brand about their secret sauce and they?ll likely guard their trade secrets as securely as KFC protects their 11 herbs and spices.


That?s because it takes a lot of effort, creativity, money, and proactiveness to stand out in the beauty industry. Beauty products are everywhere these days, from your grocery store checkout to specialty stores to online retailers and beyond, making them seem like more of a commodity than anything.


So how do the top brands get to be on top? And more importantly, what can you do to copy their success and earn a slice of this massive market share for yourself?


The simple answer: it starts with good branding, not products.


Here?s how to build a cosmetics brand that will earn attention in a saturated market.

The Basic Building Blocks of Branding

There?s a lot that goes into cosmetics branding, most of which can be tied back into the three B?s: brand, branding, and brand identity.


Your brand is the consumer perception. It?s how people see you, and how you want people to see you.


Next, think of branding as the act of breathing life into your brand. For cosmetic companies, this includes how you market yourself, how you present yourself, and other actions that help to shape customers? perceptions.


Finally, there?s brand identity, which is the way in which you present your brand to your customers. This includes your website, the channels in which you sell your products, your product packaging, and anything else that defines your persona.


Each of these building blocks will serve to provide your cosmetics brand with a strong foundation. To shape the three B?s, ask yourself:


?      Who is my brand?

?      What am I doing differently than my competitors?

?      Why should other people care about my brand?

?      What are our values and mission?

?      Who is my ideal customer, and why?


Knowing these answers, you can start to shape a brand that will attract the type of customer you want.

Aligning Visuals with Messaging

Crafting your visuals and messaging in a way that complements each other is an ongoing balancing act. This process is usually done in tandem to ensure each receives equal attention. For example, when choosing your typography, you?ll need to consider how it will look on the packaging you?ve chosen. Does the typography reflect the sentiment of your messaging?


There?s usually a lot of back and forth to this process, but it?s worth the extra effort to ensure an optimal outcome.

Getting Started with Cosmetics Branding

Working with a professional design team with experience in beauty branding may prove valuable to your experience. At the very least, it can help you ask and answer the right questions. And in a best-case scenario, you?ll end up with a cosmetics brand that serves you and your customers exactly how you dreamed of.


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