When you?re building a new brand or a new product to fit into your brand portfolio, a lot of questions need to be answered: What should it look like? How big will it be? How will other people perceive it? Does it capture immediate attention? The answers to these and other pressing questions may be best answered with a mockup 3D design.


Mockups are digital prototypes of products, logos, and other items. They display a realistic representation of what that item will look like once it?s been fully developed. You can create mockups for physical goods, such as T-shirts or bottles of lotions, as well as websites, business cards, and other media.


Here?s how you can use mockup 3D designs to bring your ideas to life and get ahead of your competition:

What?s in a Product Mockup?

Before computers, product mockups took the form of rough hand-drawn sketches of what a product or artwork would look like. Today, mockups are largely done using digital software. The concept remains the same: to provide a client or company with a wireframe to bring the idea to life.


To create a product mockup, you?ll need to include the following elements:


?      Content layout: the position of the content on the final product

?      Color: include the same colors as they would appear in the final version

?      Typography: the mockup is a great place to play around with different fonts and sizes

?      Spacing: play around with spacing to help the design stand out


Combined, these elements can give you a visual sense of what a final product or project will look like.

Why Use a Mockup 3D Design?

Anytime you?re redesigning your logo or developing a new product, you need a visual sense of what the end result looks like before you invest money in printing or production. Mockups are usually easy to edit and allow you to make real-time changes while you perfect your design.


In addition, you can repurpose your mockups in a variety of ways. For example, you can use your mockup as an image on your online store, use it in your social media advertising, or include it in a product catalog.


With today?s programs, you can create 3D mockup designs that offer more detail and angles. These mockups are more realistic and do a better job of earning trust from decision makers.

How to Create a 3D Mockup

If you?re not a graphic designer, programs like Yellow Images can help you create professional-grade mockups with ease. One of the benefits of using mockup 3D creators is that you don?t have to reinvent the wheel every time you make a mockup. They offer many ready-made designs where you can simply transpose your content.


You can also work with a graphic design company that specializes in branding to develop mockups and bring your ideas to life. Our team at 24KDesignz are skilled in graphic arts for branding purposes and can help you develop mockups for R&D, marketing, and e-Commerce. Contact us today for a free consultation!