As the stigma around cannabis and related products continues to shrink, CBD products are becoming something of a commodity. More people are recognizing its health and wellness benefits and are eager to make it part of their self-care routine. But in a market currently worth $429 million and expected to reach $1.9 billion by 2026, how can CBD companies compete?


The easy answer: make CBD branding a top priority.


The more complex answer: do the following steps to build your CBD brand.

1. Establish Your Non-Visual Branding Elements

When we think of branding, things like colors, logos, and fonts come into play. But strong branding goes beyond what you can see. It also includes what you feel when you think about a company. Branding is the collective term of visuals, emotions, values, and many other aspects that create a company?s identity.


Visuals aside, take some time to map out who your brand is and what it?s about. CBD brands have done a great job of diversifying themselves, ranging from apothecary-like personas to headshop-like personalities and everything in between. Figure out how you want to present yourself, who you want to buy from you, and what?s going to make you different from other CBD brands on the market.

2. Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

Once you develop your personality, you can start designing visuals around those personality traits. Working with a professional graphic designer is an important priority, as they can create multiple design theories that match your brand personality. From there, you can start narrowing your design options and refining your branding until you find the perfect fit.

3. Take Advantage of White Labeling

A big part of brand image is how your brand appears to consumers when they see it on your website or the store shelf. The way your packaging looks and feels is an important consideration. Packaging sets a strong expectation for the product quality itself and can even be used to create a memorable experience before the product is even used.


Services like Premium White Labeling that focus on the cannabis industry can remove much of the guesswork in creating products and packaging that suit your brand. They can also help reduce the complexities of labeling requirements while helping you present your brand in a professional light.

Get Expert Help with CBD Branding

Selling CBD products online is tough business. The market is heavily saturated, there?s very little product differentiation, and CBD products can be found just about anywhere offline.


This means that brands need to get creative not just in how and where they sell CBD products, but also how they present themselves as a company. Good branding is the backbone to every successful online business, so it just makes sense to start there.


At 24KDesignz, we work with CBD brands to improve their online presence and marketing by crafting a brand that resonates with your audience. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you take your CBD business to new heights!