Branding/Identity should provide a voice and tell a story that resonates with the clients’ needs and aspirations.


Making content and design the foundation for Web/Mobile will ensure responsive success.


Print collateral gives a tangible and personal experience to customers.

At 24k DesignZ, our team is made up of marketing guru's
Mediocore to us is unacceptable. No one dreams of building a brand that is lost in a sea of templates. We help our clients dream bigger and stand out on today's digital frontier. We are 24K DesignZ, the gold standard in marketing. Always testing, performing and improving.



Web Design

PSD Design



Infographics – An Infographic is a visual representation of data and information that is presented through a series of design-centric graphics. Its sole purpose is to educate viewers on a topic in a simplistic way – with information that is easy to digest.



Print or Digital

eBooks – As one of the most versatile pieces of collateral, an eBook is customizable, and can take many different shapes and forms. Topics to discuss include products, industry problems and pain points, services, and beyond. eBooks are typically sectioned into chapters and can use illustrated designs for a fun theme, or they can take a more business-professional tone.

Shell Sheets

2 Page Brief

Sell Sheets – As a one-page description sheet, a sell sheet is an easy-to-digest outline of your organization’s offerings. From services, to solutions, products, and beyond – your one-of-a-kind sell sheet design offers prospects a quick glance at what your company does best. This piece of collateral is a must-have for conferences, marketing events, and introductory client visits.



Html Email

Emails – Our emails are designed to maintain uniformity across all platforms and user browsers, so what you see will be what those who open it see. From design to coding and copy, our team knows how to piece together an email that will garner high open rates and positive responses.

Landing Page

Landing Page with CTA

Landing Pages – Need a place to host your content? A landing page is a web page where users “land” in order to submit a form to receive an offer or download a piece of content. Landing pages allow companies to gain warm leads while tracking the success of the digital content offers that they share.


brand | identity

Logos – Your logo is the center of your branding. It tells your clients who you are and what you stand for at a glance. We help clients concept and build logo designs that stand out in today’s digital frontier.


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